Israeli soldiers supported by armored vehicles and jeeps invaded Arraba village near Jenin at dawn on Friday at dawn and arrested seven members of the Islamic Jihad movement, a senior source at the movement reported

The soldiers fired ]live ammunition at dozens of homes before breaking into them, the source stated.

The seven residents areested were identified as Abdul-Ghani Hijja, 47 years old, Abdul-Nasser Ardha, 36, Abdul-Aziz Mas’oud Ardha, 34, Ala’ Nader Iz ed-Deen, 25, Yazan Ali Hardan, 23, Ala’ Mofeed Hardan, 22, and Maher Mohye ed-Deen Iz ed-Deen, 22. 

The arrests carried out in Arraba are apparently part of a wider military plan which led over the last month to the arrest of dozens of Islamic Jihad members in the West Bank, especially in Hebron area and Tulkarem.