A Palestinian security source reported on Saturday afternoon that the P.A police and security started deploying in areas close to the settlements slated for evacuation under the Disengagement Plan.

The source stated that the forces were deployed in order to bar the armed groups from firing homemade shells at the settlements during the evacuation process.

On Saturday morning, 300 Palestinian security men deployed on the Kissufim Crossing, additional enforcements were deployed close to Morag settlements in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

The P.A plans to deploy 5000 Palestinian policemen starting on Monday, which is the first day of withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, Hamas political and military leaders appeared together on Saturday for the first time in ten years, and said that the movement will continue its struggle until liberation and independence.

The leaders, who never appeared together before fearing Israeli targeted killings, said that the movement has the right to posses weapons and claims responsibility “for pushing the occupation out”. 

Ismail Haniyya, one of Hamas founders and political leaders, said that the movement will not lay down its arms.

“Hamas will remain committed to the choice of resistance”, Haniyya said, “It will remain committed to its military wings”.

Also, Haniyya added that Hamas is not challenging any Palestinian faction, and the P.A.

The conference Hamas held on Saturday comes only a day after the P.A held its first official celebration, which was attended by the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas.