The Israeli government approved on Monday the evacuation of the Gush Katif settlement bloc in the southern Gaza Strip by 16-4 vote, Israeli sources reported on Monday.

This is the second group of settlements, the government of Israel approves for evacuation.  The government approved last week the evacuation of Netzarim, Morag in the north of the Gaza Strip and Kfar Darom in the central Gaza Strip.

The Israeli Minister of Defense, Shaul Mofaz requested that the third group of settlements is expected to be approved in the coming few days.

Israel Radio reported that the four ministers who opposed the evacuation decision are, Tzahi Hanegbi, Minister of Public Security, Yesrael Katz Minister of Agriculture, Limor Livnat Minister of Education and Dani Nvehz.

Most of the settlers in the third group have voluntarily left the settlements, yet an evacuation decision is needed according to the plan agreed upon before the government approved the disengagement plan as a whole based on demands from the Likud key ministers, including Livnat.

The government also approved the evacuation of the four settlements in the northern West Bank.

Mofaz who expected to end the evacuation of settlers before September 4, has asked the government to approve the demolition of the settlers homes in Ghanim and Qadim in the northern West Bank, whose residents voluntarily left.

The two other settlements in the same area slated for evacuation, are Sa-Nur and Homesh.

The Israeli army invaded the village of, on Monday at down, the village of Bezaria near the West Bank city of Nablus and took over two houses that belong to residents there.

The houses belong to Mufeed Abdul-Razeq and Husam Khater, residents of the village.  The two houses were turned into military posts.

Troops who occupied the house of Khater told him that they are going to stay in his house for at least one month.

The house of Khater overlooks the main Nablus Jenin rood and the near by settlement of Homesh.

The settlers of Homesh, attacked the village in the morning.  Clashes erupted between the settlers and the residents, but no injures were reported.