A woman set herself on fire at a roadblock inside Israel and has burns over 60 percent of her body, Israeli police said.

Megan Adom ambulance evacuated her to a nearby hospital for treatment.  Medics said her wounds are serious.

In Gaza Strip, an Israeli female soldier was stabbed by a pullout opponent in the settlement of Morag on Wednesday, as police and troops began forcibly evacuating settlers. The soldier’s wounds were said to be light.

Israeli sources said, the woman who stabbed the soldiers is one of the infiltrators and not a Morag resident.  The soldier was stabbed with a needle of an IV set near the settlement synagogue after arguing with the protestor.

Police arrested the protestor and brought her for questioning.

The Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called upon the settlers and the disengagement foes not to hurt the Israeli soldiers and the police who are carrying out the evacuation orders.

‘I want to truly appeal to everyone, not to attack the police, the women and men soldiers and police. Don’t blame them. Don’t make it hard on them. Don’t hurt them, hurt me.’