Israeli soldiers and security forced completed the evacuation of Ganei Tal settlement, in the Gush Katif settlement Bloc late on Wednesday night after the remaining two families agreed to leave.

Currently, the settlement is completely controlled by the Israeli army. 

According to the Israeli army, soldiers have evacuated so far 533 homes and 1.523 settlers in the Gaza Strip, and took them out of the Gaza Strip on 51 busses.

On Wednesday at night, Israeli police, SWAT units headed towards Kfar Darom settlement, in the Gaza Strip, in order to remove pullout foes who infiltrated into the settlement; the units announced their intentions using loud speakers.

Also, the Army said that the evacuation of Neveh Dekalim was temporarily halted on Wednesday evening, and will be resumed on Thursday morning.

The announcement came after some 100 families in the settlements, and dozens of infiltrators arrived to an agreement with the army.

The agreement was made after dozens of officers of YASAM police unit surrounded Neveh Dekalim synagogue.