The Gaza settlement of Gadid, will be evacuated by sundown before Sabath starts, Israeli military sources said on Friday morning.

According to an earlier figures report by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, there are only five settler families out of 63 originally, remained in the settlement.

Israeli army source said that nine Gaza settlements and 2 in the West Bank have been officially declared evicted.  Palestinian sources, on the other hand, said there are another five empty settlements in the Gaza Strip that Israel did not mention.

Dogit, Kerem Etzmonah, Bedolah, Morag, Gani Tal, Netzar Hazani and Tel Katifa, Neveh Dekalim and Kfar Darom, in the Gaza Strip, Kadim and Ganim in the northern West Bank were officially announced cleared, according to Palestinian sources.

The source added that the army failed to declare the settlements of Rafiah Yam, Pe’at Sadeh, Nissanit, Shirat Hayam and Kfar Hayam, as evacuated, adding that Slav and Eli Sinai settlements are also empty.

The evacuation of the settlers was a lot easier than the army declared before the implementation started.

Many settlers did have registered with the Disengagement Administration, known as (Sela) to be eligible for the compensation, as those who voluntary evacuate will have more privileges, and will have more options when choosing their new habitat as they will arrive early.

Many settlers left without any resistance, after August 15.  Yet, to save their face, soldiers accompanied them to the buses. 

Others resisted, yet their resistance did not match the expectations of the army.   Chief of the Israeli police Moshe Karadi said the rehearsal was tougher than reality. 

The Palestinian view the pullout as evidence that Israel is able to easily remove settlements not as it used to be viewed, hoping that the pullout infection will spread into the West Bank some day soon.