As the Israeli soldiers were attempting to clear settlers on roof of Kfar Darom settlement Synagogue, pullout foes started pouring burning chemicals on the soldiers who started to scream and remove their uniforms.

The settlers also used paint and oil against the soldiers as they tried to climb to the roof of the synagogue; 300 pullout foes barricaded themselves in the synagogue.

10 – 12 soldiers were injured from the chemicals poured at them.

Israeli Army Southern Commander, Danel Harel described the incident as “a total disgrace”.

Dozens of policemen and soldiers stormed the synagogues in Naveh Dekalim and Kfar Darom settlements on Thursday afternoon.

The two settlements contained hundreds of youngsters who barricaded themselves in the synagogues.

The settlers also barricaded themselves in a synagogue in Gan Or settlement, which was raided and evacuated by the Israeli security forces.

Kfar Darom settlement is considered the stronghold of pullout foes in the Gaza Strip.