Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, said that the evacuation process of Gaza settlers will be completed by Monday.

The statements of Sharon came during a meeting with his ministerial committee in charge of disengagement.

Also, Sharon added that he does not believe that the Palestinian security will be able to protect the settlements from being “attacked and looted” after the withdrawal.

Sharon uttered his statements while several settlers complained that their homes were looted by soldiers implementing the pullout, several soldiers were arrested and charged of looting some settlers homes.

Meanwhile, Israeli Foreing Minister, Silvan Shalom, said in an interview with a Kuwaiti newspaper, that Gaza will not become a “prison for the Palestinians”, and that Israel is negotiating with the P.A on safe passages between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Shalom added that the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, must start acting against Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, adding that of the Gaza Strip becomes a base for firing shells, Israeli will not be “able to move to another step”.