Palestinian jailed legislator, Husam Khader, head of the Committee for Defending Refugees Rights, said that the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip is an important step towards freedom.

Lawyer Riyadh Al Anbass, met Khader in Hadarim Israeli detention facility. Khader told Al Anbass that the Palestinian struggle and sacrifices achieved an Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

“Our people should protect this achievement, remain united and counter corruption, the steadfastness of our people, the martyrs, the injured and resistance fighters achieved this victory”, Khader said, “Now we should use this withdrawal in order to rebuild our areas, and serve the best interests of our people”.

Also, Khader added that the occupation is trying to make this withdrawal as a final step, not followed by further withdrawals, “Which is one of the challenges the Palestinians and their leadership should overcome”.

“We still have many challenges ahead; Jerusalem, refugees, the annexation wall, the detainees and borders”, he added, “These issues are very important, and require unity and steadfastness”. 

Khader added Gaza Strip detainees should not remain imprisoned in Israeli detention facilities after Israel pulls out from Gaza, “We are talking about full Palestinian control over the Gaza Strip, detainees from the Gaza Strip should be freed after the Israeli withdrawal is concluded”.

Meanwhile, Khader warned that the settlers in the West Bank might repeat their attacks against the residents, such as the terrorist attack carried out in Shilu settlement on Wednesday August 17, 2005, when a settler opened fire at Palestinian workers; four were killed, four others injured, and Shfa-Amr terrorist attack carried out on Thursday, August 4, 2005 by an Israeli settler-soldier, after staging on board a bus heading to the Arabic town of Shfa-Amr, and opened fire at the passengers killing four, and injuring several other residents. 

Khader also said described the decision of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, to set the Legislative Elections for January 24, 2006, as an important step towards building a Palestinian democratic society, and called on the Palestinian factions to participate in the elections.

It is worth mentioning that Khader will be tried by an Israeli court on September, 4, 2005, Israeli soldiers arrested Khader for “activities supporting the Intifada and the resistance”.