An Israeli source reported on Sunday that a radical right-wing settler of Tapuah settlement, in the West Bank, was placed under administrative detention over the weekend.

The settler, Yonatan Hakimi, was brought in front of Tel Aviv district Court, for an extension of his remand in a closed hearing; the court approved a month-long detention.

Eran Shendar, the state prosecutor, and Shai Nitzan, Israeli deputy prosecutor, Okayed the remand of Hakimi who is known to the Justice Ministry as a radical activists influenced by the ideas of the Meir Kahane, the late leader of the outlawed Kach terrorist movement, who believed in killing and expelling the Arabs.

The court decided that the detention go Hakimi is necessary to protect the Israeli national security and public safety since he is involved in several illegal activities which includes violence against the Palestinians and the Israeli army.