Israeli Authorities decided, on Sunday, to grab more farmlands in Al Sawahra, Al Ezariyya, and Al Tour villages, east of Jerusalem.

Khaled Al Azza, director of the Wall Resistance department at the Ministry of Local Government, said that the Israeli authorities intend to grab 1285 Dunams of farmlands in the three areas.

“This policy aims to encourage settlement construction and expansion around Jerusalem”, Al Azza said, “It aims to achieve the so called Greater Jerusalem Israeli project”.

Also, Al Azza added that the settlements and the Separation Wall are surrounding the Arab areas, east of Jerusalem while Israel resumed its land annexation and home demolishing policy separating the Palestinians families and “leaving them without home and land”.

Al Azza appealed the International Community to interfere against the Israeli policies of land expropriation and settlement construction, and to impose international pressure on Israel in order to implement all related Security Council resolutions.