Israeli soldiers invaded, on Sunday morning, Atteel village, north of the West Bank city of Tulkarem, conducted military searches of homes and arrested one resident.

A local source in Atteel reported that soldiers broke into dozens of homes in the eastern neighborhood after surrounding it, and arrested resident Nidal Abu Khazana, 28 years old.

The source stated that soldiers broke into the home of Saher Ajamay, Ziad Makhoul, Adel Abu Khaleel, Jihad Fathallah Sa’adi, and several surrounding homes, and forced the residents out, using some of them as human shields while attacking other homes.  

Dozens of residents, including women and children, were gathered by the soldiers in Atteel Elementary School for several hours while soldiers were searching homes in the village.

Also, soldiers surrounded several villages in the area, installed several roadblocks and barred the residents from crossing.

Dozens of residents, especially the youth, were held and interrogated for several hours while soldiers searched the vehicles.