A local source in Jenin reported on Sunday that settlers of Sa-Nur settlement, south of the Wets Bank city of Jenin, attacked several homes in Ejja village, adjacent to the main Jenin – Nablus road.

The source stated that at least 50 armed settlers attacked the homes, causing damage, which forced the residents to flee out of their homes fearing further violence by the armed settlers. 

Shadi Suleiman, a resident of the village, said that the settlers attacked his home and several surrounding homes, and attempted to torch them.

Soldiers arrived at the village and evacuated the settlers before they managed to torch the homes and attack the residents.

In the neighboring village of Sielet Al Thaher, settlers hurled stones at workers in a concrete factory, and forced them to leave it.

Recently, hundreds of settlers arrived to Sa-Nur settlement, south of Jenin, in order to fortify themselves in the settlement slated for evacuated on Tuesday.

Residents of the surrounding villages fear additional settler attacks against them and their homes especially after a settler shot killed four workers in the industrial area of the northern west Bank settlement of Shilo on Wednesday August 17, 2005.