An Israeli source reported that Israel and Egypt arrived to an understanding which paves the way to sign the “Philadilphi Agreement” in order to deploy Egyptian troops along the Philadilphi Route, on the Gaza-Egypt borders in Rafah area.

The two sides agreed on a signing date once it has been brought before the Israeli government and the Knesset for approval.

Israel delayed arriving to the final agreement after demanding that Egypt should not provide the P.A with weapons and ammunition; Israeli defense sources said that an understanding on this matter was reached, and that “there are no other issues to be resolved”.

The agreement is called “’Agreed Arrangement in the Matter of Deployment of a Task Force of the Border Guards Along the Length of Border in the Rafah Region”.

750 Egyptian border-police will control the area from the coast all the way until the Negev border Israeli town of Keren Shalom.

The deployment of Egyptian forces on the Philadilphi route is observed by Israel as a necessary condition for its withdrawal from the area, which will complete the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

The Egyptian forces will be equipped with police-style personnel carriers, light weapons, and rocket propelled grenade launchers.

Also, Egypt plans to construct “unfortified” observations posts.

According to the Israeli-Egyptian agreement, the Egyptian task force will be preventing weapons smuggling, and infiltration attempts through the borders, a small Egyptian Naval unit will also be deployed along naval border with the Gaza Strip.