An extremist settler group attacked, on Thursday, dozens of Palestinian residents and stores near Al Aqsa Mosque area, in the old city of Jerusalem, a local source reported.

The settlers, living at settlement outposts in the old city, rallied through its alleys and attacked a number of Palestinian residents and stores there.

The settlers were joined by another extremist settlers group which came to the city.

The settlers attacked residents and shops in Bab El-khalil (Jaffa gate), the New Gate (Bab El-Jdeed, Souq al-Dabbagha as it is and al-wad Street. The Israeli police did not interfere until the residents started defending themselves and their stores.

Dozens of Palestinian youth were held and interrogated by the police, while the settlers who initiated the attacked walked away.

The settlers voiced threats against the Arab residents of Jerusalem, and “vowed to expel them”, while chanting “We don’t want Arabs”.

Also, Israeli soldiers intensified military presence in the old city and several Palestinian villages and towns around it, and stopped dozens of vehicles and residents.

Soldiers barred students of Abu Dis University, east of Jerusalem, from reaching the university, interrogated dozens of students, and closed the main junction which leads to the town of Al Ezariyya, Abu Dis, and Al Sawahra Al Sharqiyya, south east of Jerusalem.