An Israeli security source reported that two Lau missiles hit a residential building in Jaffa city, earlier on Friday, apparently as part of conflicts between underworld families in the coastal city.

The Israeli police reported that the missiles were apparently intended to hit a building close to the one which was hit; a 67-year-old man, and a 59-year-old woman were lightly injured after the missile hit an apartment heavily damaging it.  


The tow Lau missiles were launched, close to 2 A.M, from a rooftop of a nearby building on Wechtengov street, in Jaffa.

An Israeli police source reported that this attack is part of ongoing feud which was renewed recently after two members of the crime families were murdered.

“This incident is very serious”, Motti Cohen, Yiftah Region Police Commander said, “This incident steps violence up to new levels”.

Although the use of Lau missile in underworld disputes in Israel is rare, but it happened before; three years ago, a missile was launched in Al Ramleh, and another was launched at a car there.