A local source in Jerusalem reported that Israeli Border Guards policemen and agents of the Israeli security broke into a residential building in al Suwwana neighborhood in Jerusalem, and arrested one resident.

Soldiers closed the entrances of the neighborhood, surrounded the six-story building, which belongs to Abu Asab family and arrested Ya’coub Mahmoud Abu Asab, 33, after breaking into his home and the homes of his uncle, brother and several apartments in the building.

Ya’coub was transferred to Al Maskoobiyya detention facility in Jerusalem.     

The wife of Abu Asab said that soldiers ransacked the home and confiscated video discs, CD’s, a computer and other equipment. 

Troops interrogated several members of Abu Asab family, which increased tension between them and the soldiers.

Abu Asab was the head of Islamic Heritage Committee at Al Aqsa Mosque before it was closed by the army since the beginning of the Intifada late September 2000.

Also, Abu Asab was barred from entering Al Aqsa mosque for three years after the Intifada started, and recently received another order preventing him from being less than 100 meters close to gates of the mosque.