An extremist settlers’ group of the Ramat Yeshai illegal settlement outpost, in Tal Rmeida neighborhood, in the center of the West Bank city of Hebron, burnt farmlands planted with Olives, almonds, and grapevines.

Firefighters arrived to the burnt fields and distinguished the fire which had already burnt dozens of trees.

The burnt orchards belong to members of Abu Haikal family, in the city.

The fire also caused damage to wooden storage rooms which belong to the family. The rooms are only some meters away from the outpost’s fence.

A local source in Hebron reported that settlers of Ramat Yeshai outpost recently burnt other farmlands which belong to the family in several repeated attacks. 

Two days ago, the settlers burnt Olive trees and grapevines which belong to Abdul-Khaled and Omar Sa’id.

Settlers in Hebron, and several surrounding villages, intensified their attacks against the Palestinian residents, especially after Sharon announced his pullout plan, and after Israel started evacuating the settlers from the Gaza Strip.