A medical source in Hebron reported that three residents were attacked by Israeli soldiers and sustained moderate injuries in addition to bruises to several parts of their bodies.

The three residents were identified as Samer Al Saa’feen, 20, and two brothers identified as Mahmoud and Ma’moun Fayez Ghneimat, 27 and 25 years old, all from Sorif village near Hebron.

Resident Al Saa’feen was stopped by the soldiers at Abu Sneina neighborhood in Hebron, and was harshly attacked and clubbed by the soldiers, who were also interrogating him in the street.

Al Saa’feen was admitted to the Hebron Governmental Hospital suffering from fractions and bruises to several parts of his body.

Meanwhile, the two brothers; Ma’moun and Mahmoud, were attacked in the Israel town of Bet Shemesh, while working at a construction site.

Soldiers forced the two brothers out of the construction site, and attacked them in spite that they were carrying the needed entry and work permits.

Ma’moun sustained fractions in his arm and Back, while his brother Mahmoud sustained fractions in his arm, and bad bruises in his leg.

Mahmoud was transferred to Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital in Jerusalem, and filed a complaint against the army for attacking him and his brother.