Palestinian Ministry of Interior and National Security reported that the P.A is the only legitimate authority in the Palestinian territories and that it will not allow “private armies” and armed groupw to remain armed after the Israeli army evacuates from the Gaza Strip.

“There is one law and one institution responsible for the security of the residents”, the ministry declared, “Any one who wishes to be part of the National Amry (Palestinian Security forces) will be welcomed”.

The ministry also said that legitimacy is achieved through elections, not through gun power, adding that the people can decide and elect their own leaders through legitimate and democratic election. 

“We should all act in accordance to the best interest of our people, we should counter all voices which call for domination in our society”, the ministry said.

Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the military wing of Fateh, said that the arms of the resistance are legitimate, and that the Gaza withdrawal was achieved through resistance and steadfastness

The brigades rejected the calls of the ministry, adding that the fighters will keep their weapons.

“Disarming the resistance serves the Israeli and American interests, which intend to keep the settlers and the occupation in the West Bank, especially around Jerusalem”, the brigades stated, “Our weapon will remain in our hands to protect our rights and residents”.