Israeli newspaper Maariv reported on Thursday that intensive secret talks are ongoing between Jordan and Israel, to prepare for an expected visit of King Abdullah of Jordan, to Israel.

High leveled talks were carried out between senior officials of the two countries in order to prepare for the visit which is most likely to be conducted next week or the week after.

A senior source at the Israeli Foreign Ministry reported that the visit portrays “the good relations between the two countries”, yet it might be delayed after its date was leaked to the media.

Also, Israel resumed its secret talks with Egypt in order to prepare for a visit planned by the Egyptian president, Hosney Mubarak, following the Egyptian presidential elections.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, and his government, are preparing for his visit to New York which will be conducted after two weeks.

Sharon intends to participate, for the first time, at the opening ceremony of The 2005 World Summit, (The High-Level Plenary Meeting Of The 60TH session of the General Assembly), 14-16 September, 2005.

Apparently, Sharon is attempting to gain wider support especially after pulling out from Gaza, and is most likely to meet with the US president George Bush during the summit and hold talks with him. 

Israel is also preparing for a meeting between Sharon and the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, to coordinate post withdrawal moves.

An official Jordanian source denied on Thursday at noon, the reports which spoke about secret talks between Jordan and Israel in recent days regarding the king’s visit.

The source added that King Abdullah is not planning to visit Israel next week.