Israel completed on Thursday demolition houses of settlers, who have been evacuated from the Gaza Strip settlements, under the unilateral disengagement plan, Israeli sources reported.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces also have completed moving the symmetries in the settlements to Israel.

Israeli still have to demolish the public buildings.  The hotel in Shirat Yam, which was a strong hold of the anti-pullout settlers who positioned there for some days, before they were evacuated by the army and police, will be demolished next week, the source said.

The sources said, 2530 private settlers’ houses in the Gaza Strip settlements, and 270 houses in the four northern West Bank settlements, were demolished faster than it was anticipated.

Director of the construction department at the Israeli ministry of defense Levi Golan, said that some settlements were easier to work in.  Houses built of concrete took longer time to demolish.  Besides, he added, at least 12 machines were sabotaged by some people who were allowed to enter the area, in addition to deliberate sabotage of police cars.

The Israeli army is planning to leave the Gaza Strip in mid-September after they finish dismantling the military bases there.  Some sources said the army started removing the unused military bases four months ago.