The Israeli Justice Ministry announced on Thursday that it plans to indict pullout foes who are suspected of conducting serious crimes and attacks during evacuation of settlements.

The ministry rejected different suggestions to close all disengagement-related cases; Israeli prosecution agreed to review all cases of anti-pullout activists who were kept in custody until the end of pullout proceedings, and is examining whether it is legal to keep them in jail after the pullout was completed.


Meanwhile, the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court released on partial house arrest Ariel Vangrover and Shay Malka, the heads of the Israeli right wing group Habayit Haleumi (National Home), after they were arrested for incitement. 

The prosecution said that pullout foes who were arrested for serious offenses, such as the attempted murder in Al Mawassi area in the Gaza Strip, and those who threw tire spikes at busy highways should remain in prison.

Also, the prosecution will make efforts to show “leniency” to the minors, and intends to review all the cases of “lesser offenders” in order to decide on the cases which needs legal proceedings and indictment.