Dr. Mohammad Ghazzal, one of Hamas’ political leaders, said that the explosion which rocked Gaza on Monday evening was caused by Israeli missiles which were fired a military apache hovering over the area.

“What happened proves that Israel wants to exterminate the resistance fighters in the Gaza Strip”, Ghazal said, “The Israeli withdrawal came as a result of resistance and the efforts of those fighters”.

Also, Ghazal added that the Palestinian people, and factions, should be united in order to counter the Israeli attacks against the resistance in the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, Palestinian Ministry of Interior spokesperson, Tawfik Abu Khousa said that apparently an electricity circuit occurred in one of the homes causing fire which spread to other homes which included explosive materials.

Abu Khousa appealed the resistance factions to refrain from having or preparing explosives in residential neighborhoods. 

Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Qoreia, said after meeting with the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, that the P.A is probing the explosion, “which was most likely not caused by Israeli shelling”, according to Qoreia.  

Mosheer Al Masry, Hamas media spokesperson, said that the explosion was caused by a missile fired by an Israeli apache against Qassam brigades members present at the shelled home.

Also, Al Qassam media spokesperson, Abu Obeida, denied reports that the general leader of the brigades, Mohammad Dheif, and any other member of the brigades were present at the detonated home.

“The home was empty”, Abu Obeida said, “No members or leaders of the brigades were there”. 

The explosion, which rocked Al Shujaeyya neighborhood in Gaza, left five residents, including one woman, killed, and at least 35 injured, four seriously. Most of the injured were children and suffered moderate-to-sever wounds.

At least four homes were completely destroyed as a result of the blast. Rescue teams and fire-fighters worked tirelessly to evacuate the residents trapped under the rubble, and to control the fire.