The Alternative Tourism Group Study Center (ATG) has issued the second edition of the Tourist Guide Book on Palestine.  The book is called Palestine & the Palestinains’ and is published in English Language.

The book, says, Rami Kasiss, the director of the center promotes the Palestinian identity in the holy land.  It also provides an in-depth, updated journey through the entire range of Palestinian culture: ancient and modern history, archaeology, religion, architecture and politics, including the daily realities of Israeli Occupation. 

The book ‘describes places rooted in Palestinian memory: sites which bear witness to a history and identity created from contact with civilizations of the Middle East, Mediterranean, Europe and Arab Peninsula. It also presents the contemporary tragedy and struggle of a people seeking recognition of their rights and details of their ongoing search for an end to injustice through a viable peace and statehood,’ Kassis added.

He charged that other guide books present Bethlehem and Jerusalem and many Palestinian sites as Israel ‘denying the Palestinian presence.’

The ATG center aims, through this book, to present a version of ‘justice tourism to enhance the world’s increasing interest in the cause of the Palestinian people while providing tools to go beyond misleading stereotypes,’ says Kassis.

The book is meant also to facilitate visits to Palestine for tourists who wish to increase their understanding and even work with Palestinians and Israelis towards a just, viable peace.

At the same time, it provides enough material for those readers who prefer to travel far and wide in the comfort of their own armchairs. Or it can simply be used as a reliable guidebook for regular visitors.

The center has published another guide book and directory, yet in French two last year.

The center started in 1995 and is specialized in tours that present a critical look at the culture, history and politics of Palestine.