Mohammad Dahlan, managed to frame the committees in the assassination of Mousa Arafat, and denied its involvement in the assassination through admitting that some members of the brigades are involved in the incident.

The Popular Resistance Committees announced on Friday that Minister of Civil Affairs,

The brigades released a statement revealing that it conducted internal investigation which clarified that Mohammad Dahlan was the mastermind of the assassination, and gave his direct orders to carry it out, the brigades statement reads.


Also, the brigades added that Sameer Mash-harawi planned the assassination and directly supervised its implementation, in addition to protecting groups which held press conferences under the name of the brigades, including the press conference which was held on Thursday at night.

“Palestinian security men surrounded the crime location, while it was still being carried out, and enables the criminals conduct their kill”, the brigades statement added.

“We in the Popular Resistance Committees, and its military wings, did not ever think of carrying the assassination, in spite of our known position and political conflict with General Mousa Arafat”, the brigades said, “Dahlan managed to frame some of our members in this crime, we do not believe in political assassination”.  

Also, the brigades said that this crime is considered a challenge to the security of the Palestinian residents, and reiterated its demands that the P.A should prosecute every person who endangers the security of the residents.


“We reject to appoint ourselves as judges, prosecutors and executors”, the brigades states, “We reject the assassinations and consider it a license to spill the Palestinian blood”.  

The brigaded pledges to keep its weapons ready against the occupation, and vowed to “Expose the attempts of Dahlan, and his men in the Preventive security, to pullout the honor of the resistance and its rifle”

Mousa Arafat, who was killed by armed men on Wednesday evening, was buried on Friday afternoon in Gaza.

President Mahmoud Abbas predicated in the burial ceremonies which were carried out in the presidential mosque in Gaza.

A few Palestinian ministers, an officials were present at the burial ceremonies.