At least 40 demonstrators were hurt and 52 were arrested in a nonviolent protest against the separation wall in the village of Bil’in near the West Bank city of Ramallah, Palestinian sources reported on Friday.

Mohammad Al-Khatib one of the coordinators of the protest said the residents insisted to move forward towards the construction site in “Jahir” are in the southern section of the village, which is the most affected by the wall.

As the demonstrators approached the site, troops opened their tear gas and rubber bullet at them, which caused a high number of injuries, which had kids to throw rocks at the soldiers.

Two journalists and three children were among the injured.

At least 50 international and Israeli peace activists were arrested and two Palestinians, Khaled Amr, 22 and Abdullah Abu Rahma, head of the Popular Committee to resist the wall in the village.

Palestinian medical source said, some of wounded suffered minor injuries as a result of the rubber-coated metal bullets fired by the soldiers at a short range, while others were treated for gas inhalation and their conditions were described as good.

Some Eyewitnesses said the soldier opened their rubber-coated metal bullets and tear gas at the medics and the journalists.  The tear gas canister broke the window of the Egyptian TV, and the journalists were treated for Gas inhalation.

Israeli troops invaded the city in the early hours of Friday morning and attempted to arrest the internationals who were in the village and imposed curfew in an attempt to foil the demonstration.