Israeli soldiers arrested, on Sunday at dawn, seven residents, including four brothers after invading the villages of Beit Kahil and Surif, North West of the West Bank city of Hebron.

The WAFA news agency reported that soldiers broke into dozens of homes in Beit Kahil village and arrested Friras, 34, Saleh, 30, Mahmoud, 27, and Rami Mohammad Al Zhour, 23 years old. 

The agency stated that soldiers at least six military jeeps surrounded the Schools Neighborhood, east of the village, detained and interrogated dozens of residents. 

Also, soldiers broke into dozens of homes in Surif village and arrested three residents after breaking into their homes.

The residents were identified as Mahmoud Nasser Abed, 16, Luay Taleb Abed, 19, and a third resident who was not identified.

The arrested residents were transferred to an unknown destination.