An Israeli source reported that Hamas gunmen blew a hole in the border wall between Gaza and Egypt to enable the residents cross between the two sides.

The fighters cleared the area before charging a section of the wall with explosives, and detonated it, to enable the residents passage between the two sides.

Egyptian forces gave the Palestinian residents, who crossed to the Egyptian soil, to return by sunset.

Passport control will be imposed again by sunset, and crossing would only be allowed through official terminals.

Egyptian troops uncover tunnel in Rafah

Saed Bannoura, IMEMC & Agencies

An Egyptian security source reported on Wednesday afternoon, that Egyptian border guards deployed on the Palestinian-Egyptian borders, uncovered on Tuesday evening, a tunnel which extends between the Palestinian and Egyptian sides of Rafah.

“Rockets, launchers and automatic rifles were located there”, the source reported, “The tunnel was uncovered south of the Rafah terminal crossing”.

The tunnel is located in Al Dahniyya area, 2.5 kilometers south of the Rafah terminal crossing, an Egyptian security source speaking on condition of anonymity reported.

“38 firearms were uncovered and three rocket propelled grenades” the official added, “Palestinian security forces seized the weapons”.