The National Information Center, which monitors the Israeli violations in the occupied territories, reported that Israeli soldiers shot and killed three residents, injured 14, and arrested 68 in the period between September 6 and September 12, 2005.

The center also recorded 601 violations during this period.

Israeli soldiers arrested 68 residents in 55 invasions carried out in the Palestinian territories; soldiers broke in 174 homes and institutions, installed 55 roadblocks, and closed roads and crossings 130 times, the center reported.

110 shooting incidents carried by the soldiers were reported, and five attacks were carried out by extremist settler groups.  

Since arriving to the ceasefire deal between Israel and the Palestinians on February 8, 2005, Israeli soldiers conducted 12903 violations, 88 residents were killed, 767 were injured, and 2115 residents were arrested.

The violations also include mistreatments at military checkpoint, mistreatment at the gates of the Separation Wall, restrictions on movement of the residents, including restrictions on movement of medical teams.

Dozens of residents were detained and interrogated on border crossings, and were not allowed to leave the country. 

Military checkpoints were installed 2725 times during this period, 1434 shooting attacks were carried out, and 34776 Dunams of farmlands were annexed.

Settlers carried out 432 attacks in several Palestinian areas; the attacks included breaking into homes, attacking school children and teacher, especially in Hebron, and fired at residents and homes in the Palestinian areas which are adjacent to the settlements.