Israeli soldiers arrested on Wednesday at dawn, two residents in the villages of Yatta and Ithna, south and west the West Bank of Hebron.

The WAFA news agency reported that soldier arrested Nidal Ismail Abu Zahra, 24, at a military checkpoint which was installed in the center of Yatta village.

Abu Zahra, member of the special units of the Palestinian police, was arrested while he was heading back home.

Also, soldiers arrested resident Anwar Khalil Tmeizy, 46, in Ithna village, after breaking into his home on Wednesday at dawn.

A local source in the village reported that at least 30 Israeli soldiers broke into the home of Tmeizy, after surrounding it, and searched it before arresting him.

Tmeizy was repeatedly arrested by the army; two of his brothers were shot killed by the soldiers during the first Intifada which broke out in 1987.

On Tuesday evening, soldiers invaded Al Thaheriyya village, south of Hebron, and arrested three residents.

The arrested residents were identified as Ma’moun Ghazi Al Qaisiyya, 21, Abdul-Jabbar Hasan Al Qaisiyya, 23, and Mahmoud Daoud Al Qaisiyya, 20 years old. 

Soldiers broke into dozens of homes in Jabal Abu Al Rouzam area, in the center of the village, broke into homes, and interrogated dozens of residents, for several hours.