The Palestinian Prisoners Society reported that female detainees in Telmond detention facility are facing daily hardships, repeated insults and abuse.

Lawyer of the society, Raed Mahameed, reported that he met with the under-age detainee Samah Khaleel Abdullah, 16, who complained that the soldiers are insulting the detainees and carrying provocative procedures, such as breaking into their rooms, and conducting provocative searches.

Mahameed stated that the soldiers are confining several detainees to solitary and imposing fines on them, in addition barring them from their visitation rights whenever they object to the bad conditions and treatment they face.

The detainees complained that they repeatedly found bugs in their food, in addition to rats which are spread in the rooms.

Detainee Yosra Mahmoud Abdo, from Nablus, said that soldiers are forcing the detainees to undress during searches carried out before they are sent to court, or when they are moved to another section of the detention facility.

Also, the detainees voiced an appeal to humanitarian organizations to pressure the Israeli prison authorities in order to release detainee Manal Ghanim, with her child, who was born after she was arrested.

The child, Nour, 23 months old, will be sent home next month, in accordance to the Israeli law, and separated from his mother.

The Society called on humanitarian organizations to conduct utmost efforts in order to release Manal with her child, since he does not know anybody outside the detention facility.