Israeli soldiers arrested seven residents, including a father and his son, in Hebron and several surrounding villages after invading them and breaking into dozens of homes.

A local source in Sa’ir village near Hebron, reported that soldiers arrested Nizar Younis Al Tarwa, 25, Saif Ziad Al Tarwa, 22, and Rafat Khalil Al Tarwa, 22, after breaking into their homes and searching them, damage was reported.

The three residents were taken to a military camp, near the village.

Resident Nabil Al Tarwa, the brother of Nizar, reported that soldiers surrounded their home, and the homes of Rafat and Ziad, and forced their families out for several hours before arresting Nizar and his relative Saif.

In Hebron, soldiers broke into a car-repair garage, south of the city, and arrested Ala’ Najeeb Abu Shamsiyya, 27 years old.

Also, soldiers invaded Al Thahiriyya village, and broke into the home of Sheikh Khaled Qaisiyya; the Israeli security claims the Abdul-Rahman, the son of Khaled, was the bomber who carried out the Be’er Shiva suicide bombing in August.

Soldiers handed Khaled two military orders for his sons Mohammad and Ahmad to head to a military camp near the city for interrogation.

In a separate incident, Israeli soldiers arrested on Thursday at dawn three residents in Yatta village after invading it, and breaking into dozens of homes.

A Palestinian security source in the village reported that soldiers arrested Mousa Abdul-Qader Al Jundy, 36, in addition to Eid Abdul-Qader Al Jundy, 60, and his son Mohammad, 26 years old, after breaking into their homes in Al Faqeer area, north of the village.

Also, soldiers installed roadblocks in the center of the village and broke into dozens of homes.

Soldiers stopped dozens of vehicles and searched them while interrogating the residents.