The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) reported that 2448 households were displaced since the beginning of the construction of Separation wall until the end of May 2005, in different West Bank areas.

The Bureau issued a press release on Thursday revealing that 149 Palestinian areas were directly affected by the Wall Israel is constructing in the occupied territories.

15 localities were completely surrounded by the Wall directly affecting the daily life of 44000 Palestinians residing in these areas; 134 localities and village councils fell outside the wall which separated from their adjacent cities.

Results show that 60 of the localities affected by the wall reported that bypass roads were built on their lands (8 localities inside the wall, 52 outside the wall, and one locality surrounded by the wall.

The term inside the wall refers to all the localities located between the

Green line (which separates the West Bank from Israel) and the Wall.

Also, the results show that for 45 localities which have bypass roads located on their lands the roads were built before the establishment of the wall, and for 15 localities the roads were built after the construction of the wall.

The term locality refers to a permanently populated place, with an independent municipal administration or other type of adopted administration.

“The results indicate that 2,448 households were displaced from the localities that the expansion and Separation Wall passes through since the beginning of construction of the Wall until the end of May 2005. The number of inhabitants in these households is estimated to be 14,364 persons (7,333 males, and 7,031 females”.

Also, the report revealed that 47291 Dunams (4.792.1 hectares) of Palestinian farmlands were annexed since Israel started the construction of the Wall until the end of May 2005.

The construction of the Wall also has direct negative impact on the economic establishments, factories and other facilities.

The PCBS reported that 1702 economic establishments were closed in the areas which the Wall passes through; 1330 establishments are located in the north of the West Bank, 245 in the center, and 127 establishments in the south.

The Separation Wall also deprived the residents from reaching their farmlands which have direct impact on harvest seasons since the residents where not able to take care of their lands after they were trapped behind the Wall area.

Olive picking season is one of the most affected sectors, especially in the north of the West Bank, Israeli army did not only uproot thousands of trees, but is also barring the residents from reaching their orchards in order to collect what is left of their Olive trees.