In a possible change on its stance, Israel is mulling the option of a European Union role in the security of the Gaza-Egypt border crossing in Rafah, the British Independent newspaper said on Monday.

For a long time, Israel insisted to have a security role on the border even after its withdrawal from the Gaza Strip under the unilateral disengagement plan, and has also rejected the involvement of a third party on border crossings especially the European Union.

Yet, an unnamed Israeli official was quoted as saying that Israel is currently discussing this option.

Possible EU roles could range from providing X-ray scanners for cargo to an armed police or border guard detachment, the paper said.

Palestinians proposed a European Union role when Israel insisted that Egyptian-Palestinian only presence on the border, as a way to remove obstacles that may disrupt an agreement on this issue.

Israel proposed to move the Rafah border crossing to Kerem Shalom, a point where the borders of Gaza Strip, Israel and Egypt meet, to maintain Israeli presence on the crossing, however Palestinians rejected saying that this is an Egyptian-Palestinian border and Israel should not be involved.

Palestinians then declared that they accepted that Goods coming from Egypt will be inspected by Israeli security men before they enter the Gaza Strip.