The Palestinian Prosiners’ Society appealed humanitarian organizations to release detainee Abdul-Raouf Zakarna, 45, from the Wets Bank city of Jenin, who is suffering from bad health conditions.

Detainee Zakarna is currently under interrogation in Al Jalama Israeli detention facility.

Ola, the wife of Abdul-Raouf, stated that Israeli soldiers arrested her husband, last week, on Alenby Bridge on his way back from Jordan.

Abdul-Raouf was confined to solitary and barred from his visitation rights for what was described as “security reasons”. 

Ola added that her husband is suffering for a disease in his stomach, and needs medication on daily basis but the prison administration is not allowing his family and the society to send him his medication.

Abdul-Raouf is the father of six children, and considered there only source of livelihood.