A senior source at Sharon’s office said, on Tuesday, that if the Palestinian do not fulfill their commitments, Israel will consider the possibility of handing the West Bank to Jordan, and the Gaza Strip to Egypt, as the situation was prior to the 1967 war.

“This will happen if the Road Map Plan was not implemented”, the source stated, “It is a possibility, but we might not do it”.

The Israeli security predicts clashes between the Palestinian Authority and Israel since Israel did not stop the construction of the Separation Wall, and repeatedly announced that it intends to annex large settlement blocs in the to Israel, and keep Jerusalem ‘united under its control’.

Also, Sharon threatened not to enable the Palestinians conduct the legislative election if Hamas participates, which might lead to a renewed conflict in the area.

“They [the Palestinians] can do whatever they want in the Gaza Strop”, Sharon said, “But in the West Bank, they have to listen to us”

Also, Sharon added that Israel is capable of disturbing the elections in the West Bank if Hamas decides to participate.

Referring to Gaza borders, Sharon stated that if the Palestinians keep rejecting the Israeli presence there, Israel will remove the Gaza Strip from the customs package with the West Bank, which means that the P.A will have two separated economic systems.  


“The test is in Gaza”, a prominent Israeli source said, “if they fail this test, we will reevaluate our policy with them”. 

“Sharon looks at the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as one regional side, this is what the Road Map states, but it will change if the Palestinians do not fulfill their commitments”.

Israeli online daily Haaretz reported that Sharon is using the Separation of Gaza from the West Bank to pressure the Palestinian president, and to show Israel’s superiority in the area even after withdrawal. 

Israeli security officials are talking about reversing the situation to its 1967 status, Aluf Benn, Haaretz Correspondent said.

Ben added that Israeli security officials are encouraged by the Egyptian readiness to control the Philadilphi Route in the Gaza Strip, and the trainings it is conducting to P.A security men, which gives it indirect supervision on the situation in Gaza.

“Such ideas of handing the Gaza Strip to Egypt and the West Bank to Jordan will receive more support as the P.A faces difficulties in controlling the situation”, Ben added.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Amira Loron, said that Jordan is traditionally worried concerning the situation in the West Bank, since it has interests there.

“Israel will take into consideration the interests of the surrounding countries”, Doron added.