The Israeli army allowed Officer Tzfi Kortzki to resume his duties in the army even after he was convicted of killing a Palestinian child, in the West Bank.

The child was identified as Mohammad Ali Najeeb, 16 years old; he was shot killed while he was at his home in Nazlit Zeid village, north of the West Bank.

The incident took place after the army invaded the village, and broke into dozens of homes while searching for a claimed wired vehicle.

Soldiers claimed that Palestinian youth hurled stones at the officer, and that he fired back. 

Kortzki was sentenced for two consecutive months and public service work for four months.

A senior Israeli military source reported that Kortzki will not lose his three-year training course in the coming months, which will enable him advance to senior positions in the army.

The Israeli military court said that Kortzki was convicted of causing death “as a result of neglect”, but he was not convicted of a crime, according to the source.