While the Israeli army continued shelling the Gaza Strip, Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, said that the army will continue striking Gaza until forcing “a new reality there”.

Mofaz told the Israeli media that Israel will continue its assassination policy and will strike what he described as “basis of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad”.

Mofaz ignored the statements of Hamas and other resistance faction regarding stopping their military activities in the Gaza Strip.

“We will set the rules of the game”, Mofaz said, “Our advanced weapons aren’t only for display, they are advanced and good, Israel will strike”.

Mofaz also said that “if the residents of Sderot cannot sleep in peace, Hamas, Jihad and the others will not be able to sleep too”.

“Am not satisfied with Hamas’ call” Mofaz said, “They committed an unforgivable act, and we have to retaliate’.

In spite of the large number of civilians, and children, injured and killed in various Israeli attacks, Mofaz claimed that Israel has techniques to hit precise targets even in heavily populated areas.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, reported that Sharon is trying to achieve political victory in his Likud party, by shelling the Palestinian areas.

“Israel is escalating the situation and destroying chances of peace and stability”, the spokesperson stated. 

Hamas movement confirmed its commitment to the truce, and said that the Israeli Minister of Defense, Shaul Mofaz, is trying to weaken Hamas by targeting it and arresting its members and supporters, in an attempt to distance the movement from the Palestinian political process.

Mosheer Al Masry, Hamas media spokesperson, said that the movement will periodically review it decision to cease fire, adding that the Israeli policy of assassinations and attacks will make the movement change its stance.