Eyad Arad, a senior strategy advisor of the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, said on Wednesday that Israel may consider annexing the West Bank if the diplomatic impasse with the Palestinians continues.

“Israel may consider using unilateral disengagement as a government policy”, Arad said, “This includes annexing the West Bank territory and withdrawing to what the Jewish state would decide as its permanent borders”.

Arad added that if the stand still in the peace talks with the Palestinians continue “there may be room to consider using unilateral disengagement as a policy”.

The unilateral strategy according to Arad includes determining the permanent borders of Israel.


“The importance of this step is not withdrawal to, and what areas we will hold on”, he said, “The importance is the annexation of areas we will not evacuate”.

The Israeli Radio, which broadcasted the remarks of Arad, quoted statement made by Sharon declaring that “Israel has no further unilateral withdrawal plan”.