Al Qassam Brigades, the military wing Hamas, said that the Intifada, which entered its sixth year, challenged the “Zionist” projects and managed to overcome the military assaults and invasions which attempted to stop it.

The brigades released a statement saying that its fighters, throughout the years of the Intifada, managed to develop new sorts of homemade shells, and developed “better strategies” in fighting the Israeli occupation. 

“The resistance delivered a clear message to the occupation that the Palestinian people are determined to achieve their liberation and independence”, the brigades said, “The sacrifices of our people and steadfastness brought about new concepts in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and achieved an Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip”.

Also, the brigades said that its top priority is liberating the Palestinian detainees, in Israeli detention facilities, “We will use all means in order to free them”.


The brigades added that the Israeli occupation declared war throughout the Intifada against the Palestinians and their resistance factions, killed thousands of residents, and wounded dozens of thousands, in addition to arresting more than 9000 detainees.

Also, the brigades called on the Palestinian factions, and people to unite in acts and words, and support the resistance.