The Jerusalem Center for Democracy and Human Rights (JCDHR) called on Israel to end its violations to the International Law and human rights, and to stop the construction of the Separation Wall in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

The JCDHR said that Israel should comply with articles number 133, 152.and 153 of the advisory ruling which was issued by the International Court in 2004, and appealed the Palestinian Authority to transfer the ruling of the court to the international assemblies, especially the UN and International Security Council.


Also, the center called on Israel to void all of its illegal decisions which separated the Palestinian families from each other, and separated the residents from their farmlands, and to stop the construction of the Wall which is surrounding the residents and limiting their freedom of movement.

“Israel should stop is military aggression, stop the arrests of the Palestinian residents, and stop separating the Palestinians families”, the center reported, “The wall is isolating teachers, and students from their schools, employees from their working places, and barring the residents from receiving medical treatment at hospitals and medical centers in Jerusalem”.

The center added that Israel is barring the residents from reaching the holy places in Jerusalem, which is considered a direct violation of the International Law, and article 53 of the First Geneva protocol of 1977.

The center called on all countries which signed the Geneva protocol to pressure Israel in order to respect the Geneva Conventions and protect the Palestinian civilian living under Israeli occupation. 

“The center calls on all countries which singed the Geneva Conventions to fulfill their responsibilities and implement article 146 which instructs them to prosecute the individuals and counties which violate the international law”.

Also, the center called on the UN, AMNESTY International, the Red Cross and all humanitarian organizations to condemn the Israeli violations and act on the international level in order to stop it.