Israeli soldiers barred on Wednesday dozens of schoolgirls from reaching their school in Tal Rmeida neighborhood in the center of the West Bank city of Hebron.

Qortoba School headmaster Feryal Abu Haikal said that soldiers barred the girls from reaching their school after rejecting to be searched by the soldiers, and refused to be exposed to the electronic search through a room installed by the army there.

“The student protested from 7 – 10 am, in front of the electronic gate, and chanted slogans against closure, and occupation”, Abu Haikal said, “A number of teachers, and members of the Christian Peace Team participate in the protest”.

“Several students were detained for three hours”, a schoolgirl said, “They were searched and interrogated for several hours”.

Qortoba School is close to Beit Hadassah settlement outpost; the students are repeatedly searched and repeatedly humiliated by the soldiers while searching them.