The Media Office of the International Solidarity movement reported that Israeli soldiers invaded Bil’in village, west of Ramallah, and distributed leaflets in front of the village’s mosque warning the residents that all protests against the Separation Wall are considered “illegal”.

The leaflets read that the Wall being constructed on Palestinian orchards aims to ensure what was described as the “security of Israel”, and disregarded the fact that it is annexing hundreds of Dunams of farmlands.

At least 250 residents and 50 Israeli and international peace activists marched in Bil’in village, west of Ramallah and headed towards a construction site of the Separation Wall near the village.

Israeli and international peace activists walked through the hills in order to reach the village after the soldiers closed all of its entrances.

The protestors marched to the construction site and raised Palestinian flags while chanting slogans against the Wall.

At the Wall’s construction site, the protestors used stones and metal to knock on the iron used to construct the wall and chanted slogans against the Israeli policy of land grab and annexation.

Soldiers attacked the protestors, fired gas canisters and concussion grenades, and detained 15 Israeli peace activists in addition to Mohammad Al Khateeb, member of the Popular Committee Against the Wall, and member of Bil’in village council.

Soldiers claimed that the Israeli peace activists them during the procession. 

Soldiers released 16 Israeli activists later on, while Al Khateeb and another activist remained in detention.