Palestinian writers and politicians warned of the continuing and escalating tension between Hamas and some Palestinian security forces especially the clashes that erupted in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian writer and analyst Hani Al Masri warned, in an interview with Palestine News Network (PNN), of the continuing internal Palestinian disputes saying, ‘I call on Hamas to commit to the unity of the ruling authority and I also call on the PA to contain the factions and smooth over relations between them. We are heading towards a dark and unsettling phase if certain issues are not realized in the proper fashion.’

Member of the politburo of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) Majeda Al Masri said the way Hamas used to behave has changed.

‘In the past, Hamas used to behave wisely. However, recently it has begun to deal with issues reactively. Therefore, the situation calls for increasing wisdom towards the PA and Hamas,’ Al Masri said.

In the same context, Hamas leader and Professor Yasser Mansour called on Palestinian factions and ‘level-headed’ Palestinians to put pressure on the security forces and the PA to rein in some of their elements, especially after the abduction of Hamas officials by the Palestinian intelligence apparatus, which has so far denied such accusations. Mansour said Hamas is exerting its utmost efforts to put a stop to Palestinian infighting.

Dr. Mahmoud Abul Rub, member of the Palestine National Council said the only beneficiary from internal Palestinian fighting is the occupation.

‘I say to you clearly: our image is very bad, especially since we are still living under Israeli occupation. We say to all the factions you are all losers; there will be no winners in terms of Palestinian security, safety and freedom.’