Israeli Secret Security services, Shin Bet, reported that it uncovered three Hamas groups of the military wing of Hamas, and arrested 117 members suspected of carrying a series of attacks against Israeli targets killing five Israelis, 70 Israeli were injured, an Israeli source reported.

The Shabak said that the claimed networks are located in Ramallah and Hebron areas.

Also, the Shin Bet said that the groups carried two attacks over the last few months, including the abduction and killing of Sasson Nuriel, an Israeli resident of Pisgat Ze’ev in Jerusalem, and the Be’er Shiva suicide bombing at the end of August.

A senior Israeli security source claimed that resident Yasser Salah headed the cell which abducted Nuriel, and that he was recruited to a Hamas cell while he was studying at a university in Egypt.

Israeli security officials said on Monday that Hamas movement did not halt its attacks, despite its statements to maintain calm.

“The movement did not stop its attacks”, A Shin Bet official said, “they recently avoided claming responsibility for the attacks they carry, in order not to anger the Palestinian Authority”.

The Shin bet also claims that Hamas in the Gaza Strip dispatched a female engineer, identified as Samar Sbeih, to the West Bank in order to train Hamas fighter on preparing explosives.

Some of the arrested members are charged of firing land-air missile at a military helicopter, and abducting bodies of Israeli soldiers in order to swap them with Palestinian detainees.