Israeli Finance Minister, Ehud Olmert, was attack by pullout opponents on Thursday after arriving at the “Big Synagogue” in Jerusalem to participate in prayers for the Yum Kippur Jewish feast.

As Olmert arrived at the Synagogue, along with his bodyguards, to participate in the prayers, the Hakhams decided to ‘honor’ him by giving him the chance to open the “Scared Shelf”.

The decision angered some Jewish worshipers who stood up and shouted at him “Criminal, evacuates Jews and destroys synagogues”.

Some Jewish worshipers at the Synagogue said Olmert should not have come to the there since several worshipers there “are still angered” by the evacuation of settlements in the Gaza Strip, especially since Olmert supported the Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, in his pullout plan.

Olmert is considered the closest ally of Sharon, and one of biggest supporters of the Gaza pullout plan, yet he is a biggest supporter to expanding and building settlements in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas.