The Israeli High Court of Justice (HCJ) accepted a petition filed by the state to cancel a temporary injunction preventing Israel from building the Separation Wall through a Palestinian neighborhood near the town of Al Ram, north of Jerusalem.

Nine justices of the Supreme Court, head by Justice Aharon Barak, approved the state’s claim that the Wall in Dahiat Al Barid neighborhood is “an urgent security need”.

The state prosecution claimed that ripping through the neighborhood is necessary to fence around Jerusalem.

Also, the judges said that a “Wall” should be constructed through the neighborhood, and not a “fence” since a fence would probably be dismantled in a short time”.

The Wall as planned will cut through the neighborhood, through private properties and homes, which eventually will be dismantled to allow the construction of the Wall.

According to the court’s ruling, Israel will have to build “alternate access routes” to enable the residents reach their home which we be trapped behind the Wall.

Also, the HCJ said that it will announce, in the near future, a comprehensive ruling on the fate of the Separation Wall in the entire Jerusalem area.