The Popular Committee for releasing the Palestinian Legislator Marwan Barghouthi demanded the Jordanian government to act in order to pressure Israel to release the Jordanian detainees and reveal the location of missing detainees.

The committee demanded King Abdullah of Jordan to discuss the issue of Jordanian detainees during his scheduled visit to Israel, especially detainee Sultan Al Ajlouni, 31, who is suffering bad health condition.

Detainee Ajlouni, who was arrested on October 13, 1990, was transferred recently to Ma’er Hospital in Kfar Saba after a sharp deterioration in his health condition as a result of the bad conditions and lack of medical treatment.

The committee reported that one of the soldiers guarding al Ajlouni attempted to kill him by trying to inject air into his main artery. Al Ajlouni was sent back to the detention facility, without receiving medical treatment, after the soldiers carried his attempted murder.

“Israel is still conducting violations against the detainees while the international community stands still without acting against the Israeli violations to the international law, and the principles of human rights”, the committee reported.

Also, the committee demanded the humanitarian organizations and the Palestinian Authority to expose the Israeli procedures, and rejected its criterions which intend to label the detainees and discriminate in the conditions of their release under any peace deal.

The committee reported the following names of detainees currently detained in Israeli detention facilities; Salem Abu Ghalion, Ameen Al Sane’, Khaled Abdul-Raziq Abu Ghalion, Sultan Al Ajlouni, Ali Sabri Atatra, Omar Sabri Atatra, Majed Dahbouh, Nasser Dharaghma, Mohammad Al Foqaha, Mazin Mustafa Malsa, Abdul-Latif Abu Ikhmeyyish, Ahlam Al Tameemy, Mohammad Al Reemawi, Ahmad Al Khateeb, Omar Akkawi, Ahmad Khreis, Moath Ebdah, Riyadh Abdullah, Akram Zahra, Wael Arafa, Thaer Qablawi, Firas Al Noubani, Mahmoud Odeh, Mustafa Sarhan, Mohammad Abu Zweid, Nidal Hazmas, Ibrahim Suleiman, Mer’ey Abu Sa’eeda, Mahmoud Azzam, Khaled Douglas, and Radee’ Abu Rabeeha.

The following names of detainees were arrested by Israel without and went missing after Israel failed to report their location; Falah Al Howeitat, Mohammad Abu Malloah, Hashim Al Sak’afy, Mousa Al Qbeilat, Ahmad Heshan, Mahmoud Al Mobaideen, Yassin Al Shawabka, Ahmad Dalqamouni, Ibrahim Ghrabiyya, Haikal Al Zein, Salem Al Khawalda, and Abdullah Al Duheimat.