Nathmi Mhanna, General Director of the Border Crossing Department at the Palestinian National Authority, said on Friday that the Rafah Border Crossing, in the Gaza Strip, will be opened on Sunday and Monday.

Pilgrims returning from Mecca will be allowed to cross back to the Gaza Strip, in addition to urgent cases, residents who were referred to Hospitals in Egypt, and residents who were traveling aboard and carry Palestinian permits.N

egotiations with Israel and European counterparts are still ongoing to ease the restrictions and limitations” Mhanna said, “We agreed on several important issues, some issues are still stuck, but we hope to agree on them soon”.

Also, Mhanna added that the Crossing General Administration finalized all of the needed arrangements and equipment to operate the crossing, adding that the authority is still working on developing all of the sections and facilities of the crossing to facilitate and ease travel burdens to the residents.